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Stem Group Sponsors Network Central 2011

Stem Group, part of the Una Group, is helping to boost the local business to business networking event Network Central 2011 which is going to be held at the Future Inn on the 9th June. Not only is Stem Group sponsoring the event but Mark Nicholas, the Commercial Director, is putting on a free seminar at 11:45am focused around technology for businesses: the benefits, trends and challenges. Mark will be discussing everything from the cloud to iPads and demystifying their legitimate business use.

Special Offer @ Network Central 2011!

Stem Group is offering 10% off their entire range of IT services to any visitor of the show.

“We’re really excited about Network Central 2011, events like this one are a great way to get local companies talking and doing business with one another which can have great repercussions for the South West’s economy.” Mark Nicholas, Commercial Director at Stem Group.

Come and see us at the show! From 10:30am 9th June at The Future Inn, Plymouth, stand number 25!

Contact 01752 692 205

6th June, 2011

Brittany Ferries prove it's all in the planning!

Brittany Ferries has proved it can cope and continue to trade in the event of an unplanned incident through their partnership with back2business. Back2business are the official Business Continuity partners to Brittany Ferries and due to a telecommunications incident beyond Brittany Ferries control the continuity plan was recently tested with a very successful outcome.

The incident occurred when the ferry company's telecommunication provider conducted a line upgrade over night. The upgrade caused a fault across all their telephone lines resulting in over 12 Hours of no incoming or out going calls from their telephone reservations centre; a potential disaster for a company that relies heavily on telephone contact with their customers.

The fault itself was with the supplier and there was nothing wrong with the internal systems at Brittany Ferries. The incident was completely out of their hands. The team at Brittany Ferries immediately invoked their Business Continuity plan. As a result, 30 reservation staff were moved temporarily from the company’s head office in Millbay to the back2business Business Continuity Suite, based in, Estover.

On invocation back2business rolled out the Brittany Ferries "system image" using their proven restoration process ahead of staff arrivals. This resulted in staff being immediately back online with no customer disruption or lost business.

5th February, 2010

Study Reveals Businesses Remain Complacent About Business Continuity

Businesses in Devon & Cornwall are still showing complacency when it comes to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, a major research project reveals.

As the anniversary of the Exeter bombing passes, it appears that businesses remain complacent when it comes to protecting their business operations. Following a recent study by Plymouth University in association with Back2business, a specialist in business continuity and Disaster recovery; it appears that companies are still failing to take basic Business Continuity measures despite the potential threats every business faces.

The aims of the study were to explore the current level of activity and awareness for this vital risk discipline and to establish the overall appetite towards Business Continuity. The study revealed shocking insights including; a large proportion of respondents don't have, contingency plans, alternative working strategies or backup IT in place.

Further to this, the Business Continuity discipline is considered to be largely in the domain of IT Managers. Mark Nicholas, Head of Business Continuity & Resilience at back2business, Commented: "I was really surprised that business owners felt that the sole responsibility of Business Continuity lies with the IT department. Using past experiences, successful management is always driven by the senior officers or board level to ensure thorough implementation and planning."

The last significant finding was that organisations felt that services and solutions would be 'out of reach' or just too expensive. There are many things which companies can do to minimise their risks and having resilient IT and an alternate workplace strategy is just two of those options.

Mark Nicholas, Head of Business Continuity & Resilience at back2business, Commented: "The terrorist attacks in Exeter should have been a stark warning to all businesses that they need to look at how they would continue operating following a disruptive incident, such as a bomb, fire, flood, or even a major IT or telecoms outage. As a discipline Business Continuity is relevant to businesses of all sizes and it doesn't need to be costly. It is quite disturbing to see that businesses still don't consider the survival of their companies as part of their management or executive responsibility."

21st July, 2009