We are Specialists in Business Recovery and Business Resilience

Work area recovery provides a key role in business recovery and resilience planning. Work area recovery provides clients with a pre-designated number of positions within the Business Continuity centre and in the event that a client suffers an unwanted incident it acts as an alternative office.

Typically, this provision would initially be in the region of 20% of the workforce in order to continue with critical operations and functions in the first stages of business recovery.

Each position consists of:

  • A PC or thin client desktop, with flat screen monitor, keyboard & mouse
  • Network connectivity
  • VoIP Telephone
  • Desk and chair

As part of our service, we provide all our clients with a bespoke contract which will be reflective of the company requirements and a copy of the operations & procedures manual, which is designed to address any questions you might have in relation to matters such as test days and invocation procedures.

Why is back2business so different?

  • We don't place endless restrictions on our clients about what constitutes an incident - if you need us we are there for you.
  • We don't charge an additional invocation fee, unlike many other providers
  • Our business recovery suite can be configured in a variety of flexible formats so that we can scale up where required to meet your staff recovery profile

What else do you need to consider?

  • What recovery response time you require...1hr, 4hrs, 24hrs – you tell us.
  • What duration of contract you require – typically, this is 3 years due to cost efficiencies.
  • What about the rest of your continuity capability, such as your IT strategy, planning, or training?

For further information please feel free to email us at info@back2business.com.